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focusIR is a digital first IR communications and social investing platform designed and developed by experts with over 30 years’ experience in the equity capital markets.

focusIR can design a bespoke Digital IR plan or take your existing PR & IR strategies online to effectively communicate your company’s performance, strategy and vision with investors of all classes on one of the largest private investor platforms in the UK.

As your dedicated digital IR adviser, we will ensure your messaging to all the various audiences, including but not limited to, institutional investors, retail investors, analysts, media and other stock market influencers remains aligned with your corporate vision and strategy whilst ensuring your reputation is always protected.

Create engaging and compelling content that showcases your true value proposition, successes, milestones and more
We use the most effective digital platforms and formats, such as webcasts, podcasts, blogs, newsletters, social media, to deliver your messages and create conversations

With focusIR, you’ll improve your profile in the investor community and highlight your thought leadership on issues concerning your sector, market or territory.

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30mPage views per month
1mMonthly average users
92,000Daily email readers
7,000Chat posts per day
50yrsOf public market/financial experience

With focusIR you'll:

Showcase your competitive advantages and growth potential using the latest multimedia, insightful graphics and interactive reports

Build trust and credibility with existing shareholders and diversify your shareholder base

Monitor, analyse and quickly respond to any emerging shareholder issues or concerns that may affect your reputation, valuation or perception in the market

Evolve your IR strategy with long-term market trends and sentiment

Demonstrate ROI on the effectiveness of your PR & IR activities with advanced online analytics

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At focusIR, we recognise that successful investor engagement is a continuous journey and that building strong relationships with investors is essential for growth and success. We value open and transparent communication, and we believe that effective investor engagement is built on trust, credibility, and clear communication. Our team is here to help you effectively articulate your company’s value proposition, financial performance, and growth potential to attract and retain investors.

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