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focusIR is powered by one of the largest and most active online investor communities in the UK with over 1.0 million unique visitors per month and approximately 250,000 registered users.

Social Investing

Investing in groups and other online communities, rather than as an individual, helps investors diversify their portfolios, reduce their risks, and achieve their financial goals. It can also provide access to more information, opinions, and expertise, as well as create a sense of belonging and accountability, than investing alone.

However, social investing brings challenges and drawbacks for companies looking to manage the investor landscape efficiently. Social investing can expose a company to ‘groupthink’, herd mentality, or confirmation bias, which can significantly affect a company’s access to capital and valuation.

With over 6,900 active investor chat posts on London South East per day, focusIR has the capability to provide our clients access and insights to the thousands of investor communities on London South East using the latest sentiment and other analysis tools. We can also create and manage relevant public and private investor groups on your behalf to ensure not only are your updates and messages heard, we’ll create alerts to your community when you have investor news or events to share.

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Hyper-Targeted Marketing

Our hyper-targeted marketing technologies enable focusIR amplify your equity story to target private, professional and institutional investors using data insights from the performance of watchlists, portfolios, trading accounts and analytics on London South East.

We are uniquely positioned to identify and target potential new investors and deliver customised messages right where they will see them to build a following of relevant, engaged and loyal investors.

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