Investor relations

Investor Relations is the service that bridges communications between companies and investors, analysts, media and other stakeholders.

In today’s fast-paced and competitive market, companies now face significant challenges communicating with all these groups in real-time.

Most companies simply don’t have the online digital investor relations expertise, time or platform to control where these stakeholder groups get their information from or how to distribute and discuss the performance, strategy, vision, and investment case that all these audiences want to understand.

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Digital investor relations

Digital Investor Relations uses the latest online technologies to ensure all internal and external stakeholders are treated equally and informed in a consistent and compliant way.

Digital IR is therefore rapidly becoming a strategic necessity that requires commitment and expert resources and widely accepted that those companies that embrace these new mediums of communication will benefit from increased investor awareness, confidence, loyalty and of course fair value.

And this is where focusIR can help. We complement your existing PR & IR advisors with our proven digital IR strategies, powered by one of the largest investor platforms, with the most engaged investment communities, in the UK*.

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focusIR services

Bring your Investor Relations into the digital age using our online platform and services to establish a positive relationship with all your current and potential investors.


Educate existing and potential new investors on the value proposition of your company as well as its strategy, values and goals using the latest multimedia technology.

A proactive focusIR digital strategy will:


Engage with one of the most active online investor communities in the UK powered by London South East.


Evolve your investor communications to reflect changes at your company, your industry and the equity market to ensure you’re still on point and front of mind.

By implementing a focusIR digital strategy, your company gains a competitive edge in the market, attracts new online investors, enhances its market reputation and increases its shareholder value.
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