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A company that fails to adapt its IR programme may risk losing its competitive edge, credibility, and trust.

Our bespoke digital IR programmes are not a static or a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution and will evolve as your messaging evolves with your business and the changing expectations of all your investors.

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Advanced investor analytics

Today, advanced investor analytics are an important tool for investor relations. Using data-driven insights to understand and engage with the investment community you can properly monitor and measure the impact of your IR activities.

Traditional media coverage levels

Social media conversations and engagement

Sell-side analyst reports including estimates, ratings and recommendations

Market data, such as stock price, volume, volatility, and liquidity

Proprietary sentiment analysis of comments and public and private messaging groups on the London South East platform

Fast investor feedback

Investor feedback is a strategic, ongoing process and one of the key aspects of our digital IR programmes. We can provide valuable insight into the perceptions, reactions, and concerns of the investment community in near real-time following significant announcements.

Furthermore, our regular monitoring, analysis, and reporting across markets and sectors will help you respond to longer term trends in market sentiment to build and maintain stronger relationships with shareholders.

Our commitment is to your brand reputation as we’re usually one of the first to know about any scrutiny or criticism from activists, investors, regulators, media, and consumers, we are best placed to help.

focusIR can rapidly report any objectionable content on the platform to help you act and uphold the highest standards. You can feel confident your message is safely delivered and understood.

Feedback and Analytics tools

focusIR can also conduct investor sentiment analysis from various sources, including bespoke perception studies, informal conversations, surveys, roadshows, conferences and 1-2-1 meetings. We can also let you know what investors are buying, selling and discussing to evolve your equity story before they go mainstream.

We will continually review your company’s unique investment proposition and regularly review how your company stands out from its peers in terms of its financial performance, growth potential, innovation, sustainability, governance, and social responsibility.

By using our bespoke Investor Feedback and Analytics tools, you can readily measure and optimise the performance of all your PR & IR activities to demonstrate value to your company’s management teams as well as to your existing and prospective investors.

This way, you’ll enhance your reputation, credibility, and valuation in the market.

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