Our values

Our team values are core and run deep across everything we do. In general, our primary task is to build trust with all your stakeholders, and we believe that begins and ends with Transparency. We also have a deep domain knowledge of IR Technologies and strive to use the latest tech / AI to deliver our clients data driven insights.



As an Investor Relations team, we prioritise building trust over all else. Building trust with your investors is essential to ensure that they feel confident in the company’s strategy and day to day decision making by the executive team. This can lead to long-term investment and loyalty from shareholders, which is essential for the company’s success.

We also believe trust is essential when it comes to communicating difficult or disappointing news with investors. Being honest about the company’s financial situation, risks, and challenges in addition to its opportunities can help to build trust and credibility, which in turn, can help to avoid misunderstandings and negative reactions that could damage the company’s reputation and stock price.

We work tirelessly in maintaining that trusting relationship with your investment community. In our experience, when investors trust us and trust you to make the right choices, they are more likely to support the company’s strategic initiatives, even during challenging times.

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Whilst we appreciate the inherent value in our soft skills, focusIR is a technology and data-led organisation, and we believe the future will largely be driven by insights only technology can deliver.

Advances in technology, such as webcasting and social media, to name but two, have made it easier and more cost-effective for companies to communicate directly with investors than ever before. However, the velocity of those communications means accuracy and timeliness of any information must be carefully considered.

To this end we are constantly updating our internal architecture to ensure our clients benefit from the latest bleeding edge technologies to create engaging IR materials, improve accessibility of that information and track investor and market responses in real time to help ensure the desired outcomes are achieved.


Transparency is a necessary building block of trust and an essential component of a community of supportive investors. We help our clients go above and beyond the transparency necessity of compliance in a safe and sustainable way to deliver both financial and operating metrics that enable investors to make their own informed decisions.

Finally, we find transparency both internally and with our clients help us forge deeper and more meaningful relationships and enable us to deliver honest feedback to our clients with utmost integrity.

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